Turkish Businessperson

Home Office has cancelled the Turkish Businessperson visa category. No new applications under this visa category are presently accepted.

Are You a Turkish Citizen Looking to Migrate to the United Kingdom to Start a New Company or Join an Existing One? Are You Looking for Help and Support to Prepare a Business Plan to Prove to the Home Office that Your Intentions to do a Business in the United Kingdom are Genuine? Our Team of Experienced Business Planners and Financial Analysts might be Able to Help You with That!

If you are a Turkish citizen and looking to establish your company in the United Kingdom, you can opt for a business visa (dubbed the “Turkish Businessperson” visa) on relatively relaxed terms. Alternatively, the visa can also be used if you plan to take part in an existing business venture in the UK (as opposed to setting up one from scratch). The Turkish Businessperson visa is initially granted for 12 months and can be extended for the next three years.

In addition to other formalities and prerequisites, you have to prove to the Home Office that your intentions to carry out a business in the UK are ‘genuine’. Your intentions can be validated through a business plan which you have to submit along with your visa application and other documents. The Home Office will be keen to give your business plan a thorough review to determine how ‘genuine’ your intentions are and how viable and practical the overall plan of activities is before approving your visa application.

For a Turkish Businessperson, it is important to prove that you have access to sufficient funds in setting up a company and that you can bear its running costs as well as your own (and your dependent family’s) living expenditure for the period of your stay in the UK. If you are joining an existing company, it must be proved that there is a clear need within the targeted company that necessitates your appointment to ‘run the business’ while your financial contribution is necessary for the business to grow.

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Composition of Business Plans

Our team of expert business planners, market researchers, and financial analysts specialised in preparing plans for UK immigration is readily available to extend the necessary assistance to you and collaborate with you to create a compelling business plan. While the contents of each business plan can vary depending on a case-by-case basis, the fundamental objective is to achieve the following:

  • Helping you understand whether you can set up and run a business within your indicated investment.
  • Providing an overview of your company, ownership, organisational structure, as well as a visa applicant profile detailing your experience, qualifications, aptitude, and achievements since the beginning of your career.
  • Defining the business model and proving that it is unique, viable, and sustainable. This would be backed by relevant market research, demand drivers, positive market sentiments, and indicators sourced exclusively from the leading market intelligence firm – IBISWorld.
  • Explaining implications of challenging economic conditions on your business such as pitfalls of the BREXIT or any ongoing or foreseen economic recession. Explore how you will mitigate your risk while still finding growth opportunities for your company.
  • Identifying your major competitors and how they conduct business in the market.
  • Assessing your key strengths and opportunities and how they compare with your weaknesses and potential threats.
  • Providing solid arguments and rationales backing your decision to prefer the UK over other countries to invest your capital in, and a particular city within the UK as a preferred location to start and operate your company from.
  • Identifying your target market and laying out the core marketing and advertising strategies that appeal to the identified
  • Projecting financial performance of the company over the next five years, indicating that your business will not only be able to finance its operating costs but will also yield sufficient profits to financial support you (and your dependent family’s) living expenditure.

Engaging TOP Writers does not simply mean hiring a writing assistant or a quick typist who will just help you to draw up a general business plan. Rather, it is an opportunity to collaborate with seasoned business planners and strategists possessing more than a decade of experience to further understand your company, business model, business competitiveness and the industry/market, as well as obtain the best advice and hands-on assistance in setting up your business! Our assisted business plan will not only discuss the salient aspects of your core offerings, business model, revenue streams, and financial projections but it will also focus on establishing commercial viability and emphasises the visa applicant’s role, capacity and capability to implement the planned business strategies in its entirety. Furthermore, we consider the current and most relevant market, economic and political conditions in the United Kingdom to advise the best strategies and assess severity of such events impact on start-ups and early stage businesses.

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Your Requirements

Broadly speaking, there are two types of clients who engage and collaborate with us to prepare Start-up Visa Business Plans:

  1. Clients who have already carried out ample market research and basic planning work to validate their business idea in relation to innovation, viability, and scalability;
  2. Clients who possess a basic business idea absent proper research and planning. Hence, they seek assistance and expert advice from us to validate their business idea as well as optimise its innovation, viability and scalability to make it endorsable.

Regardless of the category you classify in, our Project Manager will carry out an initial consultation with you to specifically discuss your business idea, quality, and volume of information you can deliver to aid in the business plan preparation process. The scope of work will be set out in the next stage, and the price will be quoted to you accordingly. To know about further steps and the complete Business Plan Methodology, please click here.

Extend Visa

The Turkish Businessperson visa is granted for a year, after which you must apply for a visa extension for the next two years to continue operating the business in the UK. Alternatively, you may be eligible to apply for the permanent settlement. We can also help you in writing/updating a business plan to seek visa extension at the end of initial leave to enter.

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