Start-up Visa Business Plan

Are You Looking to Migrate from Outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to Start a New Company in the United Kingdom? Are You Actively Pursuing the Start-up Visa but Finding it Difficult to Get the Mandatory Endorsement from One of the Approved Endorsing Body? Do You Have an Innovative Business Idea, but Lack a Convincing Business Plan? Well, Our Team of Seasoned Business Planners and Financial Analysts might be Able to Help You with That!

The Start-up Visa Programme is ideal for early-stage entrepreneurs with innovative and high-potential Business Ideas who are planning to start a business in the United Kingdom for the first time. The business idea must be new, original, innovative, and scalable nationally. You must be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to apply.

Before applying for the visa, you must get your business idea endorsed by at least one of the Home Office-authorised endorsing bodies, which can be a high educational institution in the UK or a UK-based organisation with a proven track record of supporting UK entrepreneurs.

We can help you shortlist the right endorsing bodies to review your business idea (if you have not yet decided on one by yourself), understand their evaluation criteria, and come up with a robust Business Plan that will strengthen your endorsement application. Contact us to find out more.

Key Considerations of the Business Idea

The endorsing body will review your Business Plan or Presentation and evaluate it against three major criteria, among other things. These are:


The applicant has a genuine, original Business Plan that meets new or existing market needs and/or creates a competitive advantage.


The applicant has, or is actively developing, the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and market awareness to successfully run the business.


There is evidence of structured planning and of potential for job creation and growth into national and international markets.

For example, your Business Plan should answer practical questions such as these:




Is the proposed business idea novel and creative? Is the idea bringing something new to the UK/global business market?

Is there an evident need for the offerings in the UK market that is not already being fulfilled? Will the business be targeting a potential untapped market niche?

Does the business have a clear action plan to raise seed capital and subsequent funding to launch and scale up its operations?

Does it solve any long-standing problems in the market and add convenience to the consumer’s routine life?

Is the business idea scalable? What is maximum expansion potential of the business?

Is the business expected to make a significant economic impact based on job creation, revenues and profits?

Does the company have an experienced, capable, and qualified founding/ management team at the helm? How well do they understand the business concept and its technical specifications?

Is the business clear about its promotional, marketing, and advertising strategies to create product/brand awareness?

Is the business’ financial projections realistic and achievable?

Please note that your Business Plan or Presentation must also fulfil any other criteria stipulated by the endorsing body, in addition to the above. This may vary accordingly.

Ready to Get Started? Instruct Your Plan Now!

Engaging TOP Writers does not simply mean hiring a writing assistant or a quick typist who will just help you to draw up a general business plan. Rather, it is an opportunity to collaborate with seasoned business planners and strategists possessing more than a decade of experience to further understand your company, business model, business competitiveness and the industry/market, as well as obtain the best advice and hands-on assistance in setting up your business! Our assisted business plan will not only discuss the salient aspects of your core offerings, business model, revenue streams, and financial projections but it will also focus on establishing commercial viability and emphasises the visa applicant’s role, capacity and capability to implement the planned business strategies in its entirety. Furthermore, we consider the current and most relevant market, economic and political conditions in the United Kingdom to advise the best strategies and assess severity of such events impact on start-ups and early stage businesses.

If you are an immigration solicitor specialising in handling Start-up Visa cases, we have a special package for you! Click here to find out more.

Composition of Business Plans

For Higher Educational Institutions in UK

Each standard Business Plan we prepare will contain a 2-page Executive Summary of the company that allows the endorsing body to gauge the essentials of your business quickly (including its compliance with the respect to innovation, viability, and scalability criteria).

This is followed by 3 chapters will where Innovation, Viability, and Scalability aspects will be discussed in reasonable detail, respectively. Financial projections up to five years will be included, emphasising on the economic prospects and profit growth.

Alternatively, the business plan content can be customised according to the guidance provided by the relevant endorsing higher educational institute.

For UK-Based Organisations Supporting Entrepreneurs

Your Requirements

Broadly speaking, there are two types of clients who engage and collaborate with us to prepare Start-up Visa Business Plans:

  1. Clients who have already carried out ample market research and basic planning work to validate their business idea in relation to innovation, viability, and scalability;
  2. Clients who possess a basic business idea absent proper research and planning. Hence, they seek assistance and expert advice from us to validate their business idea as well as optimise its innovation, viability and scalability to make it endorsable.

Regardless of the category you classify in, our Project Manager will carry out an initial consultation with you to specifically discuss your business idea, quality, and volume of information you can deliver to aid in the business plan preparation process. The scope of work will be set out in the next stage, and the price will be quoted to you accordingly. To know about further steps and the complete Business Plan Methodology, please click here.

Ready to Get Started? Instruct Your Plan Now!