Sole Representative Visa Business Plan

Are You a Senior Employee of a Foreign Company from Outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland that Aims to Develop Its First Ever Presence in the UK Through Setting Up a Fully Owned Subsidiary or a Branch? Are You Actively Pursuing the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa but Finding it Difficult to Prepare a Convincing Business Plan that Can Get Your Visa Application Approved for the Said Visa? Well, Our Team of Seasoned Business Planners and Financial Analysts might be Able to Help You with That!

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa programme is ideal for you if you are a senior staff member of an overseas company that is planning on setting up a branch office or subsidiary in the UK for the first time.

Alternatively, this visa is suitable for employees of overseas newspapers, news agencies, or broadcasting organisations who are posted on long-term assignment in the UK.

Key Eligibility Criteria

As a prospective sole representative coming to the UK, you must be employed by the foreign company while demonstrating strong industry experience and knowledge. You cannot be a major shareholder of the foreign company.

There must be no additional branches, subsidiaries, or other representatives in the UK at the time of applying for the visa. You must also be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to be eligible for this visa.

How a Business Plan Can Help

The Business Plan would form an integral part of your visa application (though not a mandatory requirement), which the Home Office would evaluate. It will add to the genuineness of your visa application.

The Business Plan will demonstrate to the Home Office how the UK branch office or subsidiary will complement the overseas parent entity’s business and improve its commercial prospects. It will also explain the execution strategies that will be carried out under your leadership, while also quantifying the economic benefits generated in the UK.

We can help you create a robust and impactful Business Plan which can strengthen your visa application. Contact us to find out more.

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Engaging TOP Writers does not simply mean hiring a writing assistant or a quick typist who will just help you to draw up a general business plan. Rather, it is an opportunity to collaborate with seasoned business planners and strategists possessing more than a decade of experience to further understand your company, business model, business competitiveness and the industry/market, as well as obtain the best advice and hands-on assistance in setting up your business! Our assisted business plan will not only discuss the salient aspects of your core offerings, business model, revenue streams, and financial projections but it will also focus on establishing commercial viability and emphasises the visa applicant’s role, capacity and capability to implement the planned business strategies in its entirety. Furthermore, we consider the current and most relevant market, economic and political conditions in the United Kingdom to advise the best strategies and assess severity of such events impact on start-ups and early stage businesses.

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Composition of Business Plans

The standard Business Plan that we prepare for you will be comprised of the following:

  • A succinct and compelling executive summary that allows the Home Office to gauge the essentials of the proposed UK branch office/subsidiary quickly. This will provide high-level information regarding the proposed products and services, industry experience of the entrepreneur, the target market and segments, the desired business location in the UK, an external overview (industry), and the business’ vision, mission, objectives, critical success factors.
  • A full-page financial snapshot summarising the projected financial performance during the forecast five-year period of the company for quick and easy consumption.
  • Details of the subsidiary or branch office’s business model and offerings.
  • Relevant details of the parent company.
  • A detailed profile of the Overseas Representative, indicating your core experience, qualifications, and achievements since the beginning of your career.
  • An affirmation of your appointment as the Sole Representative and active senior staff member of the UK branch office or subsidiary.
  • Relevant market research to identify key external drivers of performance, market sentiments, and indicators sourced from an authentic research firm – IBISWorld.
  • The proposed organisational structure for the UK company based on the forecasted personnel plan.
  • A discussion of the implications of challenging economic conditions on your business such as pitfalls of the BREXIT or any ongoing or foreseen economic recession. We will explain how you will proactively mitigate your risk while still finding growth opportunities for the business;
  • A discussion on the competitive landscape.
  • An assessment of the business’ key strengths and opportunities and how they compare with its weaknesses and potential threats.
  • Solid arguments and rationales backing the parent company’s decision to choose the UK to set up the branch office or subsidiary. Furthermore, a detailed evaluation of the chosen business location of choice will be provided (i.e. particular city/region within the UK).
  • A discussion of the target market and the core marketing & advertising strategies that will be adopted to appeal to those prospects.
  • Proof that the UK company can be established with the capital that the overseas parent entity will be investing in it and showing how the funds will be utilised.
  • The UK entity’s financial projections for the first five years, emphasising on the economic prospects and profit growth and backed with logical assumptions.
  • Attractive graphics and easy-to-read presentation.

Extend Visa

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa is granted for a 3-year period, after which you must apply for a visa extension to stay longer to continue operating the branch office/subsidiary. Alternatively, if you have completed 5 years of residence, you may be eligible for settlement. We can also help you in writing a business plan to seek visa extension at the end of 3-year period.

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